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By accessing and browsing this website or any other internet presence of Fang An (“Sites”), it is assumed that you accept the Terms of Use (“Terms”). The Terms may be updated from time to time, and it is your responsibility to check for updates. Please read these Terms of Use as well as the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, please do not access or use the Sites.

No Legal Advice

The information provided on the Sites is for general information only and should not be considered legal advice or a substitute for legal or professional services, including advice and opinions. Please seek appropriate legal or professional advice for your particular matter.

No Lawyer-Client Relationship

No lawyer-client relationship or any other relationship is created by your access or use of the Sites or your contact with anyone at Fang An Law Professional Corporation.

Confidentiality and Privilege

We are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of any information you share with us, except as required by law or our ethical obligations.

We will not disclose confidential information belonging to other clients, as we owe a duty of confidentiality to all our clients.

We aim to maintain legal professional privilege over our advice, protecting it from compelled disclosure in legal or regulatory proceedings. To maintain this privilege, it is essential that our advice is kept confidential and not shared with third parties or disseminated within your organization to individuals who do not need to know.

Our legal advice is provided to you solely for the purpose for which we are engaged, as stated in our engagement letter. Unless we give our written consent, our advice may not be relied upon for any other purpose or by any other person besides you.Top of FormBottom of Form


You use the Sites at your own risk. While Fang An strives to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information on the Sites, Fang An does not guarantee or warrant the same in any way and shall not be held liable for any information provided on the Sites.

Client Identification and Verification

In support of anti-money laundering and terrorist funding initiatives, Canadian legal regulators impose mandatory rules on client identification and verification. This requires us to collect and retain information about the identity of our clients, and in some cases, take additional steps to verify their identities. These rules apply not only to our direct clients, but also to individuals who instruct us on behalf of our clients, as well as any underlying clients who have retained our client in a matter where we are providing services. If we require additional information from you or your client, we will let you know and appreciate your understanding and prompt cooperation as we fulfill these mandatory obligations. We expect you to keep us informed of any material changes to the information you have provided to us during the verification process.

Please note that to ensure compliance with applicable laws and our internal policies, we may conduct due diligence via a public database search on you, and if applicable, your principals, directors, officers, employees, clients, and/or beneficial owners. We will gather and store this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy for the limited purpose of performing this due diligence. Access to this information will be restricted to only the necessary personnel to complete these functions.

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Intellectual Property

The content on the Sites is owned by Fang An or others who have given Fang An permission to display their content. The content is protected by various Intellectual Property rights, Canadian domestic or international, including but not limited to, copyright, trademark, domain name, design, whether registered or not.

Ownership of Work Product

All of our clients are the beneficiaries of know-how and precedents developed by us in connection with our representation of other clients. We are free to use in other matters for other clients know-how and precedents we have developed in connection with our representation of you, subject only to our confidentiality obligations to you.


You are granted a personal, revocable, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the Sites conditioned on your continued acceptance of and compliance with these Terms of Use.


If any provision on the Sites is deemed unenforceable, invalid, or void by a competent authority, such provision shall be limited to the minimum extent as necessary, and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.



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